Our dedicated counsellors can assist in dealing with trauma arising from car accidents, hijacking, burglary, rape, the loss of a loved one, unemployment, chronic or life threatening medical condition, disability or domestic violence, and more. Members and their dependents get access to a 24/7 Trauma Counselling Line that is available in the event of any traumatic event.

The Benefits of Trauma Assistance Include:

  • A confidential and professional telephonic counselling facility. Counselling is provided in the event of the Member being affected by an event, condition or incident which could be but is not limited to domestic violence, school bullying, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, motor accident, hijacking, burglary, rape, the loss of a loved one, parent unemployment, family chronic or life threatening medical condition or disability.
  • Telephonic debriefing and counselling are conducted by the qualified counsellor and should the counsellor determine a need for additional face-to-face counselling, the Member will be directed to an appropriate trauma counselling centre, nearest to the Member’s work or home address. Once the Member has been referred to the nearest, most appropriate counselling centre he/she will be assisted in scheduling an appointment via a conference call or should the Member prefer, the contact details for the centre will be provided in order to make own arrangements. In the event of the latter, the particular counselling/trauma centre will be notified of a possible counselling session to be scheduled.

Telephonic trauma counselling is provided wherever the member requires assistance inside or outside the borders of South Africa. Referrals in terms of face to face counselling are limited to South Africa.
The service is not limited in terms of number of calls for advice, assistance or referrals per family or per benefit term.