MBS Rewards is a benefits program unlike any that has been introduced to the country before. MBS Rewards passes the full negotiated value with the Service provider back to you, the valued member… Providing you with true, real value and instant gratification on the products and / or services used by you. There are no points or spend here and get this  just true, real, tangible, instate gratification value on thousands of pre-negotiated offerings that makes cents.

As a member of the programme, you gain access to an exclusive world of discounts. Utilising the internet portal, and using your membership number, you can generate and print your own virtual vouchers, or simply contact our MBS Rewards help desk, where a friendly assistant will be more than willing to assist. We take the edge off the daily financial burdens, allowing you to breathe easy, whilst you and your family save on common everyday purchases, and exclusive deals on your favourite brands.

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